MECAM Book Series “Perspectives on the Maghreb”

The MECAM Book Series has been newly established with Amsterdam University Press (AUP), a highly reputable international publishing house. Under the responsibility of the editors, supported by an academic advisory board, run by a managing editor, and peer-reviewed by members of the MECAM Executive Council and renowned experts in the field, Perspectives on the Maghreb aims to become a leading series for interdisciplinary research on all MECAM-related topics. AUP is working with international academic communities of scholars and readers to ensure that our publications have a global reach.

The series focuses both on local realities within the Maghreb and the region’s multiple entanglements with contexts in the Global North and the Global South. It aims to publish manuscripts based on cutting-edge methodological approaches from the humanities and social sciences, including intra-, cross-, and transregional comparisons and in-depth historical analyses. The series provides a forum for the discussion of imaginations, ideas, and visions about future-making in the context of local, regional, and global disparities.

It is interdisciplinary in scope and addresses inequalities and imaginations from a range of disciplines including anthropology, geography, literature, economics, arts, history, sociology, and political science. The series encourages studies that combine theory-driven research with in-depth empirical insights. It questions and challenges traditional concepts and focuses on new areas of knowledge related to issues such as dimensions of disparity; memory and justice; identities and beliefs; inequality and mobility; resources and sustainability; and cultural practices of aesthetics and imaginations. Under the heading “Imagining Futures – Dealing with Disparities,” which is MECAM’s guiding theme, the series addresses and analyses processes by which models and visions for society’s future are being discussed and negotiated in the wake of the Arab revolutions of 2011. While the series’ primary focus is on contemporary issues, it is also open to more historical research. It encourages Open Access publishing in order to reach the widest possible audience of scholars, students, and other readers with a passion for the Maghreb.

Keywords: Memory, justice, identities, beliefs, inequality, mobility, resources, sustainability, aesthetics, imagination, Maghreb, North Africa, Southern Mediterranean, disparity, future

Series editors (Editorial Board)

  • Prof. Amel Guizani, Higher Institute of Applied Studies in Humanities of Tunis (ISEAHT), University of Tunis
  • Dr. Isabelle Werenfels, MECAM International Advisory Board │ Research Division Africa and Middle East, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), Berlin
  • Dr. Thomas Richter, MECAM book series Lead Editor │ GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies (IMES), German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Hamburg – Contact:
  • Prof. Rachid Ouaissa, MECAM Director │ Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies (CNMS), Philipps-Universität Marburg

Managing editor

Commissioning editor

  • Dr. Maryse Elliott, Senior Commissioning Editor Film, Media, and Communication, Amsterdam University Press (AUP), Amsterdam – Contact:

The book series is open to publication proposals for both monographs and edited volumes from scholars worldwide. Manuscripts will be usually published in English. In most cases, the publication can be produced free of charge for the authors; however, costs may be incurred for large numbers of illustrations and for colour photographs, but these are subject to negotiation with the publisher. Given the conditions of the MECAM funders, an Open Access option might be granted to members of the MECAM network, i.e. from among former and current members of the MECAM bodies and consortium partner institutions, short- and long-term fellows, principal investigators, staff in Tunisia and Germany, and associated researchers and projects. If you are unsure about your eligibility, please contact the managing editor, the lead editor, or the MECAM office in Tunis.

If you would like to submit a book proposal, please read the AUP Academic Author Guide. Download the proposal form from this page and carefully complete it; send the completed form to the Managing Editor at MECAM/GIGA or the Commissioning Editor at AUP. When preparing and submitting your manuscript for review, please follow the AUP Submission and Style Guide.

The formal order of the publication process is:

  • Review of the proposal by the editors; if necessary, request for revision and resubmission
  • Review by the publisher, including financial and technical aspects
  • Offer of a publishing agreement conditional on positive peer review of the manuscript by the publisher
  • Submission of the manuscript by the author
  • Peer review of the manuscript
  • Final decision on revision/publication by the editorial board and the publisher

Please, see also the MECAM book series flyer (the link will follow soon).