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MECAM is concerned with both enabling and conducting international research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as disseminating emerging findings in three key fields: namely, the academic, policy, and public arenas. MECAM’s publications are aimed at an interested public including the media, political foundations, NGOs, academia, and policymakers. In addition, they offer well-founded and concise analyses and allow authors to engage in dialogue with a broader audience beyond restricted specialised circles.

In order to adequately address these various audiences, to reflect the diversity of backgrounds that MECAM scholars have, and to accommodate the different ways of thinking and expressing themselves, the authors publish their research results in many different languages and through a wide range of dissemination and communication channels. MECAM itself has established its own publication series, which are available to fellows and the wider network.

MECAM Publication Strategy

MECAM aims for international, highly visible publications based on original research conducted by its fellows, members, and collaborators. If possible, publications shall be available via Open Access. Overall, MECAM’s publication strategy is oriented towards translation, transfer, collaboration, and outreach; it is structured along the following distinct dimensions, addressing multiple audiences in Tunisia, Germany, the Middle East and North Africa, and worldwide.

MECAM Publication Formats

MECAM Papers Series

The MECAM Papers Series offers concise and well-founded analyses of cultural, social, political, and economic dynamics in the contemporary Maghreb. Edited by the MECAM publication manager, the series is aimed at the interested wider public including the media, political foundations, NGOs, universities, artists, policy practitioners, and members of the business community. The MECAM Papers will all be published via Open Access in Arabic, English, and French on MECAM’s website. Global accessibility across academic platforms, including long-term storage, will be guaranteed by the MENALIB repositorySee more

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MECAM Book Series

The MECAM Book Series has been newly established with Amsterdam University Press, a highly reputable international publishing house. Under the responsibility of the editors, supported by an academic advisory board, run by a managing editor, and peer-reviewed by members of MECAM’s Executive Council in addition to renowned experts in the field, “Perspectives on the Maghreb” aims to develop into a leading series for interdisciplinary research on all MECAM-related topics. All manuscripts will be published in English and most will be available via Open Access. MECAM covers the costs for English copy editing, translation, and Open Access publication. Updated information will follow soon. See more

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Other MECAM Publications

Researchers from the MECAM network also publish in a great variety of other formats beyond the mentioned series: monographs, edited volumes, articles in scientific journals, working papers, texts in printed and social media aimed at the wider public, blogs, and similar. Last but not least, they also use forms of expression and communication such as films, video recordings, and photos, which are presented, for example, in screenings and exhibitions. They reach herewith a wide range of audiences, from a highly specialised scientific community to local decision-makers, stakeholders, and interested parties. The MECAM website will highlight select contributions, especially those available via Open Access.

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The #MECAM space on the TRAFO – Blog for Transregional Research of the Forum Transregionale Studien is an outlet for MECAM’s science communication addressed at an academic and non-academic readership alike, featuring a diversity of fully citable contributions like essays, short articles, interviews, conversations, event and publication announcements, reports, as well as book presentations and reviews with regards to MECAM’s guiding theme, its five Interdisciplinary Research Fields (IRFs), and related subseries of blog posts relevant to MECAM research in terms of content, methodology, and context. The space is partly coordinated via an editorial partnership between MECAM’s current and former fellows and is also being presented on MECAM’s website.  See more

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MECAM Publication Workshops

MECAM’s Publishing Workshop Series seeks to train the next generation of authors, reviewers, and editors among MECAM fellows, partners, and collaborators. One publishing workshop will be held every second year: namely, two in Tunis (2024, 2028) and one at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) in Hamburg (2026). The workshops will alternately focus on how to write and publish academic texts, policy papers, and blog entries. Through the participation of members of MECAM’s Executive Board, its International Advisory Board, members of MECAM’s founding and partner organisations, and other leading international experts, in-depth practical insights into the drafting and writing of these different formats, the peer-review process with academic journals and publishers, as well as the targeting of specific policy communities will be provided. These workshops will address current publishing processes and encourage participants to discuss and rethink imbalances in academic knowledge production. Eventually, participants will be better equipped to succeed in finding an adequate “home” for their research in internationally visible academic outlets. Supplementary single lectures on publication skills will also be made available for MECAM’s fellows, partners, and collaborators.  See more

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