MECAM Publications

MECAM is concerned with both enabling and conducting international research in the humanities and social sciences, as well as disseminating emerging findings in three key areas, namely the academic, policy, and public areas. MECAM’s publications are aimed at an interested public including the media, political foundations, NGOs, academia, and policymakers. In addition, they offer well-founded and concise analysis and allow authors to engage in dialogue with a broader audience beyond restricted specialized circles. MECAM’s working papers are intended to be published in English, French and Arabic.

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MECAM Papers

The MECAM Papers series offers concise and well-founded analysis of the social, cultural, and political realities of the contemporary Maghreb covering the period since approximately 2011. The MECAM Papers series is an online series anchored in MECAM’s core theme that seeks to explore the link between multidimensional disparity and the possibilities for constructing and negotiating future models in today’s Maghreb societies. Interdisciplinary, cross-regional, and intergenerational, MECAM’s research revolves around a central theme: “Imagining Futures – Coping with Disparities.” The MECAM Papers series reaches out to a broader, interested audience, including the media, political foundations, NGOs, academia, artists, practitioners, and members of the business community, allowing authors to engage with a readership beyond expert circles by engaging in exchange with different audiences. The objective is to publish each MECAM Paper in English, French and Arabic. Authors of MECAM Papers are selected from among MECAM’s members, fellows and staff. External authors are invited to contribute to the series. Please send your suggestions to the MECAM Papers editor. Suggestions should include a brief abstract with the guiding questions, as well as a short bio of the author. The editor of the MECAM Papers is Thomas Richter (, Senior Research Fellow at the German Institute for Global and Regional Studies (GIGA). Editorial assistance is provided by the MECAM Coordination Office.

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