#MECAM space on the TRAFO – Blog for Transregional Research

The MECAM Blog Series on TRAFO – Blog for Transregional Research features contributions to MECAM’s guiding theme “Imagining Futures – Dealing with Disparities.” The complex social processes that characterise the Maghreb and its adjacent regions both currently and historically are addressed within the framework of five Interdisciplinary Research Fields (IRFs): “Inequality & Mobility”; “Memory & Justice”; “Aesthetics & Cultural Practice”; “Resources & Sustainability”; and, “Identities & Beliefs.” These topics are also the five main threads of the #MECAM series and have been developed/tested during the first two years of MECAM’s work by five Interdisciplinary Fellow Groups (IFGs). In the overarching MECAM thread, general questions concerning MECAM topics are discussed and current fellows are given the opportunity to introduce themselves and their research in conversation with the editor. Further sub-blogs (e.g. on archive work) will be introduced gradually. The blog posts of the MECAM series including all separate subseries will be published both on the Forum Transregional Studies page and directly on the MECAM website (cf. links below).
The series is open to all interested authors working on the Maghreb and the Mashreq and not only exclusively for scholars from the MECAM network. Publication in a number of languages (English, French, Arabic) is possible. In addition to addressing a global scientific community, this relatively flexible MECAM publication format is also aimed at a broader and, above all, regional audience. Potential authors can find detailed guidelines for the MECAM Blog series here: https://trafo.hypotheses.org/contributions. Interested parties should contact the series editor, Diana Abbani at the Forum Transregionale Studien, with their proposals: (diab@trafo-berlin.de).
Series editor: Diana Abbani (Forum Transregionale Studien).