Prof. Dr. Khaled Kchir

Khaled Kchir is Professor of Medieval History at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the University of Tunis. He has directed the Laboratory of the Medieval Arab-Islamic World since 2013. He works on the transmission of knowledge in the Middle Ages. He is developing his research on the work of Ibn Khaldun (m1406). He teaches history, codicology and diplomacy. He has indexed 600 entries in the Fawât al-Wafayât of Ibn Shâkir al-Kutubî for the Onomasticon Arabicum (IRHT/CNRS). His latest work concerns the Berbers and then the Persians as seen by Ibn Khaldun. For two terms, he was successively member of the Council of the University of Tunis (2014-2017), then vice-president of the university (2017-2020).