Assist. Prof. Alexander Peter Martin

(Assistant Professor,  Politics, South Mediterranean University, Tunis / Tunisia)

Alexander Peter Martin has held the position of Assistant Professor of Politics at the Southern Mediterranean University, Tunisia since 2020. He previously worked for the University of Lincoln, the American University of Beirut, the University of Tunis, the University of Exeter, and Durham University. He holds a PhD in politics from the University of Durham (2016). His research focuses on civil society, democratization, public policy and energy transitions in North Africa.

Project Resources & Sustainability

Project: From Oil Town to Solar Town: A Just Transition for Tataouine

This research applies the “Just Transition” model to the Tunisian case study to explore how Tunisia’s energy transition can help address environmental challenges while leading to sustainable economic development in marginalized fossil fuel producing regions. This research explores the potential for a just transition in Tataouine, southern Tunisia, through a holistic strategy to maximize the socio-economic and employment benefits and minimize the drawbacks of a transition from fossil fuels to green energy. This research aims to determine how Tataouine will be affected in the short, medium, and long term by a strategy to diversify Tunisia’s energy mix and examines plans to mitigate negative impacts on the labor market.

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