Lisa M. Sarida Lippert

(PhD candidate, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker Center for Science and Peace Research ZNF, University of Hamburg / Germany)

Doing Peace in Drylands


Alexander Peter Martin

(Assist. Prof. of Politics, South Mediterranean University, Tunis / Tunisia)

From Oil Town to Solar Town: A Just Transition for Tataouine


Nadia Mansour

(Dr. Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Sousse / Tunisia; Visiting Scholar, University of Salamanca / Spain)

Towards Sustainable Banking in the Maghreb Countries


Mohamed Ismail Sabry

(Dr. Lecturer, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences and Bremen University of Applied Sciences / Germany)

State-Society Relations and Growth Paths in North Africa


Andreas Thiel

(Prof. International Agricultural Policy and Environmental Governance, University of Kassel / Germany)

Change, transition and performance of Tunisian agro-environmental governance: a polycentric perspective

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