Dr. Katharina Grüneisl

(Postdoc, Universität Leipzig/ Germany)

Katharina Grüneisl is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Geography at Leipzig University. Her research interests lie at the intersection of urban, economic and cultural geography, and her work employs ethnographic methods and focuses on contemporary North Africa. Initially trained in political science with a regional focus on the Mediterranean, Katharina specialised in urban studies during her postgraduate studies at SciencesPo Paris and the London School of Economics. She subsequently worked in urban development projects in Tunisia, Egypt and Kenya with the GIZ (German Development Agency) and UN-Habitat. Katharina then pursued her doctoral studies in Human Geography at Durham University, conducting research on the urban second-hand clothes economy in Tunis. She now coordinates the scientific programme of the IFG “inequality and mobility” for MECAM in Tunisia.

Katharina simultaneously continues to develop her research on the second-hand (‘fripe’) economy in and beyond Tunisia, exploring the complex cross-Mediterranean linkages these material circulations bring to the fore, especially in the context of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.
First publications (selected) from her research have appeared in, Grüneisl, Katharina. 2020. ‘Second-Hand Shoe Circulations in Tunis: Processes of Valuation and the Production of Urban Space’. Articulo – Revue de Sciences Humaines, no. 21 (January).
Grüneisl, Katharina. 2021. ‘Rethinking Global Urbanism from a “Fripe” Marketplace in Tunis’. In Global Urbanism: Knowledge, Power and the City, edited by Michele Lancione and Colin McFarlane. Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY: Routledge.
Grüneisl, Katharina. 2020. ‘From Fruit to Fripe Trading: Exploring Urban Change in a Tunis Marketplace’. Trialog 135: 52–58.

Cluster PIs

Prof. Jörg Gertel

Prof. Jörg Gertel (Professor, Economic Geography, Universität Leipzig/ Germany)

Prof. Ali Bennasr

Prof. Ali Bennasr (Professor, Geography, Université de Sfax/ Tunisia)

Prof. Mourad Ben Jalloul

Prof. Mourad Ben Jalloul (Professor, Geography, Université de Tunis/ Tunisia)